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Feminisation of street names: Pearl-Grobet-Secrétan replaces Ecole-de-Chimie

As of this morning, it’s official! Rue de l’Ecole-de-Chimie, where the Collective’s building is located, has been renamed Rue Pearl-Grobet-Secrétan. The change of name is part of the 3rd round of feminisation of street names carried out by the City of Geneva.

Based on the observation that only 7% of the streets in Geneva with a local personality bear the name of a woman, L’Escouade launched the 100Elles* project in 2019 with the aim of combating the invisibility of women* in public space and raising awareness of female personalities who have left their mark on Geneva’s history.

The project began with the installation of alternative pink plaques, followed by the publication of a collection of 100 portraits of emblematic women. The City of Geneva then began the process of officially changing the names of certain streets. In total, 28 streets in Geneva now bear the name of a woman*.

For more information, read our article from last December, published when the name change was announced.

You can also find out more about Pearl-Grobet-Secrétan and the other women who now have streets named after them in Geneva on the 100Elles* project website.

Bienvenue chez Pearl-Grobet-Secrétan ! Féminisation des rues à Genève
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