La Gazette

La Gazette serves as our artistic, narrative platform, expressed through the medium of a fanzine

This quarterly online and print publication will chronicles the developments our initiatives, creating an archival record (text, photos, videos) of developments, milestones, and the people behind them. 

From March 2024 to March 2026, we will be sharing the incredible story of our work in progress and this collective initiative with our broader community, thanks to the work of three exceptional artists: photographer Rebecca Bowring, video artist Lorraine Hauenstein and editor Sidonie Atgé-Deblays. The graphic design is by Maurane Zaugg and the printing by bahnhofstrasse.

Archives of La Gazette will also be showcased with an exhibit at the opening of the Collective in 2026

Subscribe at to purchase or gift the print issue (10.- per issue or 40.- for 5 issues).