Who are we?

The Foundation Board

Geneviève BORDRY (she)
Co-Chairwoman of the Board

My commitment to the Foundation for Gender Equality is an obvious extension of the battles I have waged throughout my life, notably with F-information and Réseau femmes*. Equality, women’s rights and social justice are values that have always driven me to develop innovative projects.

Coordinator of Réseau femmes*

As coordinator, I am committed to representing the interests of the member associations of Réseau femmes*.

Doris GERBER (she)
Board Secretary

It’s important for me to defend the values that drive me. Being involved with the Foundation means fighting for equality and justice, and helping to change attitudes and policies in favour of a more inclusive and equitable society.

Muriel GOLAY (she)
Director of Centre LAVI Genève

I’m happy and proud to be involved in the co-construction of this visionary project, which draws its strength from the values and skills of Geneva’s feminist community.

Ermela HAILE (she)
Co-director and programmer of the Festival Les Créatives

I am particularly keen to continue my involvement and commitment to collective, cross-functional projects on a wider scale to advance gender equality.

Laurence LEVRAT-PICTET (she)
Co-Chairwoman of the Board, Philanthropy consultant and co-founder of Booster Bridge

The rights of women and gender minorities have always been the driving force behind my professional and personal commitment, both internationally and locally. Through this innovative, high-impact project, I hope to help bring about a change towards a fairer, more egalitarian society.

Deborah MATTATIA (she)
Director and founder of KollectiveLabs

The rights of women and gender minorities are direct indicators of social progress, and I am very proud to be able to contribute in my own way to their development through the Foundation for Gender Equality.

Aleksandra POPOVIC (she)
Specialist in employee experience and inclusiveness.

I am committed to the Foundation because it represents a necessary positive force. By bringing together efforts to question the social status quo and rebalance gender dynamics, it is helping to shape a more inclusive and caring world.

Lorena PARINI (she)
Honorary Professor UNIGE, Institute of Gender Studies and CMCSS

I’m pleased and proud to be involved in this project for greater equality and social justice, which builds on and supports the considerable work carried out for decades by feminist and LGBTIQ+ associations.

Andrea VILLANYI (she)
Treasurer of the Council, Head of Finance and Administration at the DIP

It’s an opportunity and a privilege to be involved in the Foundation’s wonderful adventure to promote greater justice, a more inclusive society and a louder voice for women.


Anne-Céline MACHET (she)
Director of the Foundation for Gender Equality

So proud to be part of making this ambitious project a reality!

Camille BAJEUX (she)
Project “Advocacy” and “Observatory” programs

As a doctor in gender studies and a feminist, I’m delighted to be committed to social justice and equality.

Léonore DUPANLOUP (she)
Communications manager

I’m keen to develop La Collective’s communications, an essential lever for advancing the feminist causes that are dear to me.

Valentina RACZKA (she)
Project manager for Bastions de l’égalité

Photos © Rebecca Bowring