4 strategic priorities

The Fondation pour l’Egalité de Genre (FEG) has four strategic axes:

La Collective

Located in the centre of Geneva, La Collective will bring together housing, services and facilities for women and gender minorities. Amongst those are appartements and residential communal spaces, offices as well as co-working spaces, workshops and conference spaces, kindergarten and a drop-in nursery, a library /bookshop and finally a café opened to the public on the ground floor, as well as the offices of member associations of the Réseau Femmes*..

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Supporting the Feminist Network

The FEG is committed to offering comprehensive support to associations, including material resources, financial assistance, and capacity-building initiatives.

The Observatory

The objective of the FEG’s Observatory is to conduct in-depth research and data analysis to better understand and disseminate knowledge related to gender equality.

Advocacy and awareness-raising

Drawing from research insights, the FEG raises awareness about gender discrimination and gender-based violence. To contribute to lasting change, we advocate for systemic transformation by targeting policies and practices that significantly impact women and gender minorities.